Notice that the title of this blog post says ‘cheaper’ and not ‘cheap.’ That’s because there really is no way of getting ‘cheap’ drinks on a cruise ship. 

Given that you are a trapped customer once on-board a cruise ship you could hardly expect the food and drink to be cheap, or even relative to pub and restaurant prices. It’s not as if you have any other choice on where to get a drink and you are on holiday after all – who wouldn’t want a drink or three. Currently Royal Caribbean are charging around $7.25 for a bottle of beer and about $10-$16 for a glass of wine (in real money that’s £5.09 and £7.32 upwards respectively).

Royal Caribbean drinks prices according to Google [May 2018]


$7.25 (American); $6.95 (Import)

Glass of wine

$10.00 - $16.00

Bottled water



$10.00 - 12.00 

So what can you do to get a few cheaper drinks to lubricate your cruise? You could try buying a drinks package depending on how much you drink. Packages are useful if you want to pay up front, forget about the prices and just enjoy yourself. Although it’s worth checking out whether there is a limit on drinks per day.

If the drinks package on your cruise ship doesn’t interest you and you intent to ‘wing-it’ when it comes to drinking how about using these three tips to get a few extra drinks for as cheap as possible.

1) Happy Hour

Never forget the ‘Happy Hour.’ If your cruise ship has an hour of 2-4-1 drinks or any types of discounts on bar bills then try making the most of this period – depending on what time of day it is. Obviously if this coincides with an onshore excursion then your timing will have to be impeccable.

2) Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk doesn’t mean having a pallet of red wine delivered to your room prior to the cruise! We refer instead to buying a bottle of red wine rather than a glass, or a pitcher of beer rather than a bottle. The cost of the whole bottle may seem expensive, but you will save money over a glass of wine every time – and if you don’t finish the bottle most waiters will be happy to put a cork back into the bottle for you.   

3) Drink in port

Depending on where your cruise is visiting you may find that having a tipple on dry land is seriously cheaper than back on your cruise ship. We are obviously not suggesting you preload yourself with alcohol before returning to your ship… One of the hazards of this method is not getting so plastered that you miss your cruise ship departing!

Please note that ParknCruise recommends drinking sensibly on your holiday.