So you’ve obviously got the passports. You’ve packed the tux and she’s got the black dress for the evenings tucked carefully into a suitcase. The swimwear is in the bottom of the luggage as are the sandals. But what about those odd items that you won’t know you’ll need until it’s too late.

1. Extra coat hangers

Most cruise ships put approximately between 5 and 8 hangers into a wardrobe. Seriously! I’m going to be on this ship for 2 weeks and you give me a few hangers. Have you even seen the amount of dresses my wife has brought with her? Always pack a few extra hangers. Primark sells a very reasonably priced pack of ten hangers that are the flat plastic variety.

2. Power strip

Hairdryer, hair-straighteners, laptop, IPad, 2 x IPhones, camera, yet your cabin has just 1 power socket. Save yourself some cruise charging hassle and take a power strip inside your luggage. These can be bought very cheaply now (under £10) at most bright orange DIY outlets.

3. Wine

Most cruise passengers don’t realise that they are allowed to take a bottle or two of wine on-board with them inside their luggage. Save yourself a few pounds by taking a drink with you for a swift glass while you are getting ready for the evening. If you place the bottom of the wine bottle inside a trainer or shoe it’s more likely to survive the journey to your cabin, packed inside your luggage.

4. Earplugs

You might this that the gentle hum of the ships engines with gradually lull to sleep each night, but there’s always that noisy couple across the corridor who don’t seem to have indoor voices.

5. Pen

Take your own pen. Either for signing paperwork (who wants to share with that guy at check-in who is looking like he’s got Winter Vomiting Flu, or just for that Sudoku book you brought with you. A few throwaway pens will always come in handy and add virtually no weight which makes more room for your wine!