Be prepared is most usually associated with the scout association, but maybe it should also be the motto for cruise ship passengers…

Following on from our blog post: ‘What to do if you miss your cruise ship’ we thought it might be an idea to discuss some handy tips to prevent this happening and also to ‘Be Prepared,’ if the worst happens!

Allot extra time

One of the most gut-wrenching days to miss your cruise would possibly be on its departure from Southampton. To avoid this we advise that you arrive at ParknCruise 3-4 hours before your cruise departs. This gives you plenty of time even if there is heavy traffic locally to be transported to your cruise terminal. We like to think of ourselves as a buffer for you – your target time. Get to us within this time and you are really giving yourself time to get to your ship with being in too much of a rush.  Nobody wants to have that ‘No, mate. Titanic go to America. In five minutes!’ Jack Dawson moment on the day of their cruise!

Going cheap on excursions might end up being costly

The temptation to organise your own excursions to save a few quid might seem like a good idea at first, but should they fail to get you back to your ship in time for departure, you will find yourself stranded and it will be your responsibility and headache from then onwards. However if you are going on an excursion organised by your cruise ship; they are responsible for getting you back in time.

Be aware of the ships departure times

It may sound obvious, but double check when your ship will be sailing. Perhaps set an alarm on your phone to warn you that you have a certain amount of time left to get back on-board. Trust us when we say that this will enable you to truly enjoy your onshore time.

Be Prepared! Photocopy everything! Yes everything!

Before you even think about leaving home, get access to a photocopier and use it to make copies of all your most important documentation. This means passports, insurance documents, booking, boarding paperwork, ship itinerary and any documentation relating to you cruise that you have. These copies are going to go with you whenever you leave your ship. Even if you are only going to venture into the local port for a coffee or a meal you will still take these copies with you. Tucked away in the bottom of your handbag, you will forget you are even carrying them with you, but should you get left behind by your cruise ship these items will be invaluable.

The question of passports….

Cruisers have conflicting opinions regarding carrying passports onshore. Some cruisers say you should leave them safely looked away in your cabin, which given the dangers of pickpockets in foreign ports this is a valid point. However… should you get stranded onshore, you are literally nothing without your passport. If your ship is not stopping again in your stranded country, your only option will be to head to your embassy – however if you have your passport you may be able to make your own quick travel plans.   

Keep a spare credit card

Yes we know you are carrying money, but keep a credit card with you onshore that has enough credit to get you a flight back home.

Have you ever missed your cruise ship? 

Let us know your story or have you got any handy tips we can pass onto fellow cruisers?


Tips on how to avoid missing your cruise ship.