You’ve done everything and you’re ready to go, except then you realise that you haven’t arranged anywhere to leave your car!

Check for passport, boarding passes, sun-tan lotion, flip-flops, swimming trunks, evening wear, and parking. Parking! You haven’t booked any parking! Your about to drive to Southampton for the holiday of a lifetime on a cruise ship, but you have forgotten to find out where you can leave your car or vehicle.

There is no need to worry. Just visit ParknCruise and you can book your car parking near the Southampton Cruise Terminals online. Just follow the instructions online and within a few minutes you will have reserved parking with us. Obviously it’s better to book parking in advance as at certain times during the cruise calendar we may be full, but even at the last minute we will try to find a parking space for you. Very often a car will pull up at ParknCruise Manor House Avenue, which hasn’t got a reserved parking space, but we always attempt to help find a space for you.

As with airport parking, booking in advance gives users the peace of mind that a space is waiting for their vehicle. We do find however, that customers tend to leave parking until the very last moment before a holiday. It’s almost like an afterthought for most people, although we understand the excitement of a cruise can overtake such things as ‘where to park’ when I get to Southampton.

Our car parking at ParknCruise UK is some of the safest in the country. Fully undercover, the ParknCruise car park is inside what used to be a secure storage facility. Once the building was vacated we turned it into a secure valet car parking facility for cruise passengers and crew.  Your car is safely parked inside our facility while you are away cruising – out of the elements and safely undercover.