Do cruise car park companies in Southampton have parking for disabled drivers and passengers?

We have recently had a number of enquiries from drivers and cruise passengers regarding whether we have disabled parking spaces at ParknCruise. We have thought long and hard about this during the design of the car park and suppose that the honest answer is ‘no,’ we don’t.

Our parking is valet style, so after your car is checked in, one of our drivers take it directly from outside our building and park it in its own space inside. For this reason we don’t really require disabled parking spaces at ParknCruise. We can help drivers and passengers without the need for a Blue Badge spaces. As you can see from the photograph below, drivers pull up right outside the entrance to our parking facility and it’s actually impossible to get any closer than this. A disabled driver or passenger is as close as they can be to the building at this stage, and just a few feet from our reception and waiting room. Once a vehicle is checked in a mini-bus or taxi collects passengers from the waiting room and whisks them off to the cruise terminal just a few minutes away. We have porters who will help you to unload your luggage and help you out of the vehicle - should you require it.

If we know that you require help, we will do our utmost to provide extra assistance to get you safely and promptly to your cruise ship.

It’s worth noting that as a general rule at ParknCruise we help ‘all customers’ with their luggage unless instructed otherwise. We are not the same as other passenger cruise car parks in Southampton – our high levels of customer service are of paramount importance to us as is the safety and security of your vehicle.