Now we are into the ‘Christmas Season’ for cruise parking in Southampton, we find out what actually happens at ParknCruise during this busy period.

Imagine 250 cars, all parked indoors in neat rows. The trouble is you need the blue Ford parked right at the rear of the building and too get that car out you will need to move 150 others.

This obviously would never work and so at ParknCruise we have developed a clever system for keeping passenger vehicles close together so that when a ship returns from its journey we are able to retrieve a group of cars from the same area of the building. This is linked to ship departure dates and length of cruise, so that we can make sure our customer’s cars are ready for their return to Southampton.  Each car has been barcoded when it’s booked into ParknCruise and so we know it position in the building and what time on passenger arrival day it will need to be moved ready for collection. This is made even more complicated by the cars coming into ParknCruise from passengers and crew who are departing the port that day!  Our system tells our staff exactly where the new incoming cars need to be parked.

We spoke to Bob, one of our drivers at ParknCruise and he said: “It can be incredibly busy on what we term ‘ship days.’ We have a tremendous number of vehicles to move in just a few hours, in a strict pattern so that the passengers disembarking first, can obviously collect first. Mixed into these cars leaving is a number of passengers arriving early in Southampton who have booked to leave their cars with us and they need to drop these cars off and be transported to the cruise terminal. We do on most ship days get a quiet period when we can stop for a cup of tea, but then it’s very quickly back to welcoming passengers and parking! It’s all very carefully coordinated though and we take huge care of our customer’s vehicles – we love it in fact.”