There is always that difficult moment when the adrenalin from parting with a deposit for your next holiday begins to fall and you realise that not only have you got to pay for your latest adventure, but you also have to arrange somewhere to leave your car!  The trouble is you can end up spending a vast proportion of your holiday worrying about where you have parked your vehicle.  Did you lock the car? Were the lights still on? Will someone park in the next bay and fling open the door of their car into yours, damaging your car’s paintwork!? 

For cruise ship passengers departing from Southampton these aren’t problems when using the Parkncruise facility in Manor House Avenue.

When you use our valet car park you can be sure that it is parked in a secure building while you are away.  You drive your car to our facility and once outside one of our operatives will take charge of your vehicle and will park it inside, in its ‘own allocated parking bay.’  Your vehicle will be undercover and protected from the worst that the Solent weather can throw at it.  Your pride and joy will be parked safely in our secure facility while you get to enjoy a worry free cruise.  Once your cruise is over and you are back in Southampton we will collect you and your luggage from the terminal and your car will be moved from inside ParknCruise by one of our drivers and promptly handed back to you.  Your car will have travelled no further than the distance between you handing over your vehicle keys before your cruise and the allocated parking bay and back again– a matter of a few hundred yards inside the facility.