Are you in need of long term, secure parking at Southampton docks for a cruise trip?

Passengers and crew sailing from the port of Southampton are finding that one of the most secure options is ParknCruise at Manor House Avenue. Leave your car or vehicle with us and you will get to enjoy your cruise without worrying about the safety of your pride and joy while you are away.

We’ve all done it – booked long stay parking at an airport or port. As you walk away from your car, you give it one last lingering look. You wonder if you perhaps should have moved it slightly to one side, as it’s parked a little too close to the massive 4x4 in the next bay. You can’t help imagining the owners of the 4x4 opening their doors and dinking into your vehicles pristine paintwork. Or maybe it’s parked slightly too close to the exit – will someone clip it as they leave? Or is it too tempting parked there for thieves? You push that thought to the back of your mind and try to enjoy your holiday. Over a glass of champagne, you stand on deck as you depart port. A seagull swoops past you and delivers a lump of something unpleasant into the English Channel. Now all you can think of is what happens to your car’s beautiful paintwork while it’s parked during your cruise when a gull dumps something unpleasant onto the roof.

How can you avoid these thoughts about the safety of your car?

The best option is to use the ParknCruise indoor car park at Manor House Avenue. Once you drop off your car with us, we treat it with utmost respect- we appreciate that your car is your baby. The car or vehicle is booked in, photographed and then parked by one of our members of staff into its own parking space. Safely parked inside our facility your car is safe from thieves, vandals and of course seagulls!

Call ParknCruise today to book your parking space in Southampton on 02380 789 966

Enjoying your cruise starts at the car park. Don’t let parking in Southampton ruin your cruise holiday. Park with us at ParknCruise, Manor House Avenue. Book online 24/7.