With no supermarket nearby to stock up with when the fridge is empty, how much food and drink does a cruise ship need to carry? 

Oasis of the Seas which is owned by Royal Caribbean has sailed with over 6,000 passengers, which, when you take the crew into account comes to over 8,000 mouths to feed! This however doesn’t mean that a cruise ship will need to carry absolutely everything with it, as most fresh produce can be loaded when it stops in port. On a Mediterranean trip a cruise ship will stop most days and will take on a certain amount of fresh produce.  Not quite the same with a Caribbean cruise as many smaller islands are unable to supply such vast amounts of produce. Obviously a transatlantic cruise has to carry everything it needs for 6 – 8 days.

A behind the scenes film crew sailed with the Oasis of the Seas on a National Geographic documentary called "Mega Food: The World's Biggest Cruise Ship," and revealed the astonishing quantities of food prepared and eaten each day.

In one day the galley of the Oasis of the Seas prepares around 28,000 meals for its passengers and crew! 100 tonnes of produce are turned into these meals by nearly 300 kitchen staff in a massive behind the scenes operation. The Oasis has over 20 store rooms to keep food produce in and on a typical 7 day cruise will use, in terms of just basic food items; over 5 tonnes of flours, 86,000 eggs, nearly 4 tonnes of rice, 16 tonnes of cooking oil and over 30 tonnes of vegetables.

These food staples are just the tip of the iceberg (not a cruise pun) with many luxury items also being carried including over 5,000 lobster tails, 2,780 bottles of wine and champagne and over 40,000 bottles of beer!