Nearly all of us have used parking at the major airports when going away on a holiday or trip overseas. You book in advance – in most cases online without ever speaking to a human being or interacting with a real life person. You pay via credit or debit card and then print off a barcoded voucher that has your car details and information regarding the dates you need to park. You then take your luggage and wait for a bus that picks you up and drops you at one of the terminals at the airport in ample time for your flight.

Parking at Southampton Port

Parking for a cruise departing from Southampton is just the same!  As with most airport parking operators, booking at ParknCruise is very often done online, although we do have operators to take bookings over the phone if you prefer. Let our operator know the nights you will be away on your cruise, or add them into the booking page on our website and you will receive a cost for your valet parking. You can then pay for you booking via card either over the phone or online. That’s it! Just turn up on the day of your departure from Southampton (we recommend 3-4 hours before your ship sails). Your luggage and you will be whisked off to whichever cruise terminal you are sailing from, and we’ll collect you when you return.

It’s just like airport parking, except while you are away on holiday your car is safely valet parked in our indoor carpark rather than being left to the mercy of the person who parks next to you and then carelessly swings open their car door…

Reserving parking for a cruise leaving from a Southampton terminal is just as easy as booking airport parking. Book online or call a ParknCruise operator on 02380 789 966