We look at which type of luggage is best for taking with you on a long cruise holiday.

How much is too much luggage on a cruise?

It’s all very well booking that long cruise, but as the day’s countdown to your departure date, inexperienced cruisers can often be left wondering about which luggage to take.

A short cruise – Princess Cruises run a number of 3 to 5 day cruises on the west and east coasts of the US – will obviously be much easier to pack for than for instance; a Cunard 120 day round-the-world trip!  So what luggage should you take on your big trip?

  • Main luggage

Now we know that you’re thinking of taking that matching pink leopard skin 5 piece luggage set you’ve had tucked up in the attic for the last few years (think Del Boy), but you really won’t need it. You’ll struggle to find space to keep masses of suitcases in all but the most luxurious of cruise ship cabins and nobody wants to arrive dockside on departure day looking like Rose DeWitt Bukater!  Instead select the biggest piece of luggage out of your set – preferably one with wheels or rollers. This ‘big boy’ should be used for packing the bulk of your clothing, books, shoes, swimsuits, underwear etc. It will also be a bonus if your case is fabric rather than hard-shell so that you can cram those presents, gifts and keepsakes that you purchase during such a long cruise.

  • A Folding Garment Bag

A garment back is an essential for a long cruise. You will most likely want to attend a few formal events and thus will be needing a glamourous evening dress or 2. The gentlemen will also want to take a suit or tux on-board. Once on board ship, you can hang these items out of the way in the wardrobe inside your cabin until you need them. This also avoids the creases and wrinkles that will happen in even the shortest of journeys to the cruise terminal when items are packed in a suitcase. No lady wants to sit at the captain’s table with a creased gown after all.

  • Daypack or rucksack

There is virtually no trip, for any length of time, anywhere in the world, where a rucksack wouldn’t come in handy at some stage. For your initial trip to the cruise terminal, pack the rucksack with items that you might need during the boarding process. Tickets, passports, water and a snack perhaps. Once your cruise ship has left port the rucksack will become mega useful if you go on any excursions during your trip.

It’s also useful to keep some anti-bacterial hand-gel in the rucksack ready for any excursions in faraway place.

  • Toiletry or shower bag

A small toiletry bag containing your toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel and various bathroom items will be essential. Perhaps it is also wise to take a few earbuds, some hand lotion, cotton wool, shower gel and a small bottle of shampoo. On a round the world trip you will probably have to stock up again on these items at some exotic port, but why not at least take a few items initially to get you started. It might also be worth packing a box or 2 of Ibuprofen into your bathroom bag for the morning after!