Where is the best place to park your car for a cruise holiday departing from the Port of Southampton?

We (obviously) think that our car park in Manor House Avenue is the best option for passenger and crew sailing from Southampton. Our car park is one of the most secure in the UK and probably (we admit) is slightly overkill when it comes to car parking, but there is nothing guaranteed to spoil your cruise more than worrying about where you have left your car parked. We have put a list of questions that are worth asking yourself before you book cruise parking:

  • Will my vehicle be secure? Yes. ParknCruise is the most secure car parking option in Southampton.
  • Will my vehicle be undercover? Yes. Your car will be parked inside our building (formally a secure storage facility).
  • Will it be safe from other drivers? Yes. This is valet parking at car park prices! Our drivers will carefully park your car. Only our staff park cars at ParknCruise and only they are allowed inside the parking area.
  • Will the price be competitive? Yes. We are very competitively priced for Southampton.
  • How will I get myself and my luggage to the cruise terminal? Use our free transport that runs between ParknCruise and the cruise terminals.
  • What happens to my car while I’m away enjoying my cruise? Nothing, unless of course you want us to charge the battery or pump up the tyres – just ask and we will see what we can do for you.
  • What happens when I return to Southampton? You just jump back onto our free transport and we take you back to ParknCruise where your car will be waiting for you in the same condition you left it in.

If you want to have a worry free cruise, then the best parking option is ParknCruise.