How ParknCruise has improved the Southampton parking experience.

Parking in any town or city has become a massive challenge for motorists, especially if it’s for more than a few hours. Long term parking has always had the associated risks attached to leaving a vehicle for a large period of time in a car park.

Modern ‘tight’ parking spaces often mean that those drivers who care little for their own car, obviously care even less for the vehicle parked next to them! The swinging open wide of a car door into the door of the car parked next to them has long been a hazard of the proud vehicle owner. Many of us can look at the side of our cars to find small chips, dents and nicks caused by careless owners while we have had our car parked.

Vandalism is the curse of modern car parks with millions of drivers in the UK ending up as victims. Random criminal damage costs drivers in the UK almost £2 billion each year (data from Churchill Car Insurance), with the total value of criminal damage to cars up a staggering 9.5 per cent over the last year (2016 / 2017). From broken wing mirrors, to smashed windscreens and even whole body resprays! Our cars in the UK are under attack.

The theft of vehicles has become even more sophisticated over the last decade as car security systems have become more advanced. The professional car thief has upped his game over the same time frame and has found ways to beat keyless entry systems and immobilisers. Car theft had dropped to its lowest levels in 2014, but during the following years it climbed upwards by 30 per cent as the thieves became as experts at beating the motor industry’s modern, sophisticated security systems.

ParknCruise has made all three of these parking hazards obsolete – at least while your car is with us at Manor House Avenue! When leaving your vehicle with us you can be sure that it is safe. Your car will be photographed as soon as you hand it over to us so you have proof of its condition.  Your vehicle is then valet parked by one of our staff into its designated parking space inside our facility. Only ParknCruise employees have access to the parking area of our facility during open hours. Customers dropping off cars before leaving for their cruise never actually enter the parking area.

Outside of our open hours the facility (which was a secure storage facility in its previous life) is locked down. There is no access for drivers or members of the public, thieves or vandals once the facility has closed.

Your car is safe with us.