Imagine parking your car, locking it and walking away for 3 months…

Most of the customers parking at the Southampton port for cruise holidays are doing so for an average of 10-14 days, but what about the passengers who are going away for 3 months or more! Long cruises are becoming massively popular. There is even talk of it being cheaper to go on a 90 day cruise, than renting and living in central London for the same period of time and there are a number of passengers who have spent much of the last decade on-board cruise ships.

P&O have a cruise leaving Southampton in 2019 that will call at 32 ports including overnight stays in San Francisco, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. What an amazing trip, but if you have driven to Southampton to catch your ship what will happen to your car?

Frequently asked questions passengers of longer cruises often ask are:

  • Will my car be secure for such a long period?
  • I have an amazing paintjob. Will it get dirty?
  • Will my vehicles battery and tyres go flat?

Yes! Your car will be parked inside our secure building. ParknCruise is not an open car park. Members of the public cannot get in. Our parking is valet, so only our staff have access to the parking areas.

No, not at all. It will be parked inside ParknCruise for the duration of your absence. Your car will be inside our car park, which is actually a building. It has a roof to prevent the weather and sea gulls from getting anywhere near your beautiful paintwork.

If you have parked with us for a longer length cruise we will make sure that the battery and tyres are kept to correct levels and pressures, ready for your return from sea.

If you are looking at booking a long term cruise holiday and want your car to be secure and looked after a while you are away, please give us a call today on 02380 789 966.