Every town or city has a problem with car crime to some level and Southampton is no different. 

Some of these car crimes can be classified as low level, such as minor vandalism. This could include vehicle damage like scratches, small dents, tyre damage or perhaps a broken wing mirror. Others have to be considered as serious car crime – theft of valuables from the vehicle after a break in, or even the actual vehicle being stolen or removed from where it was left parked. Many attempted break-ins to steal a modern car often fail due to sophisticated immobilisers, but unfortunately the damage caused can still render the car unable to be driven for a period of time.

Car crime in Southampton is much like any southern town with the exception of the SO14 district which is one of the worst affected in the area. Car crime in the SO14 area has been above the national average, although it has to be noted that the postcode has a huge influx of visitor traffic due home and away fans travelling into the football stadium.

All this bad news regarding car crime in Southampton is even more of a worry if you need to leave your car parked for a length of time – for example, while away on a cruise holiday. Long term parking in a car park is always risky. We’ve all seen those ‘Cars parked at owners own risk’ signs discreetly placed in the corner of the car park basically exonerating the car-park owners from any crime that happens to your car, whilst still taking your money!

Park Mark Standard in Southampton

One way you can reduce the chances of anything nasty happening to your car while you are away from it is to use a car-park that has the Park Mark Standard. This is a national award from the Association of Police Officers and the British Parking Association that recognises safer car parking and car parks for users. To receive the award owners of car parks are required to have measures in place that make the car park clean, bright lighting and with surveillance equipment. Car park operators have to prove they have systems in place to deter criminals.

If you are looking to park long term in Southampton while you are on a cruise holiday, look for a car-park with the Park Mark Standard to at least give your car a chance of staying safe and secure.