The most secure car parking in Southampton is now available at ParknCruise.

Our car parking facility in Manor House Avenue has secure parking for all types of vehicles including classic and prestige motor cars and bikes. Parking at ParknCruise is indoor, rather than a multi-storey type car park. Our car park is fully enclosed – it’s actually like parking inside a building. The ParknCruise facility used to be a secure storage centre and after it was vacated in 2017, we turned it into a car park for long term parking – adding three floors plus exhaust fume extraction. Our drivers park your car for you, so there isn’t the usual worries associated with parking and leaving a car long term. There is no need to worry about your car being damaged while you are away from it by another customer carelessly opening their car door against yours. Vehicles are checked in, photographed and parked safely and securely until you return. We offer a premium car parking experience at the same price as a normal outside car park in Southampton. You can park with us from one day, overnight, or for three months. Prices obviously vary according to length of stay, but we promise to offer you the best local deal.  

Customers using ParknCruise secure parking are mainly passengers departing from the Southampton City, Mayflower, Ocean and QE2 cruise terminals, but recently we’ve also had many crew members also leaving their car with us.

Our secure parking has also been very popular over the winter months with classic car owners. Left with the choice of leaving a valuable classic car on their drive over the winter, we’ve found many owners prefer the safety of our facility. For special classic car prices please call us directly rather than booking online.  

For the most secure car parking in Southampton call ParknCruise on 02380 789 966.