What options are available for secure car parking in Southampton for cruise passengers and crew? 

The downside of going away on holiday, is the worry about what might happen to your vehicle while you are away. Car parking at airports generally has a terrible reputation with customers often worried about what damage might occur while their car is parked. People are often in a rush just before a holiday and many (not all) will disregard the fact that they have opened their car door too far, chipping or putting a dink into your car door. Or as they push past your vehicle with their suitcase, scratching the surface of your pride and joys glorious paintwork. 

Often this type of damage goes unnoticed until a later date, which is by then too late. Even if you did return to your car to find it had been scratched while you were away, the chance of proving it was the owner of the car next to yours is slim. So what are your options to avoid this type of damage? Luckily if you are going on a cruise holiday departing from Southampton there is a valet parking option that you can use.

ParknCruise operate a cruise passenger and crew car park on Manor House Avenue, right next to the docks and cruise terminals in Southampton. Our car parking is valet style, so only ParknCruise driver’s park vehicles. Only our drivers have access to the parking area, so your vehicle will be parked safely and carefully while you are away enjoying your cruise. Parked indoors, inside our secure building your car is not only protected from other careless drivers and vandals, but also from the Solent weather.

This service is all provided at the lowest cost in the area. Our valet car parking costs the same as parking your car elsewhere – outside with the public parking the cars themselves!

Why take the chance? Book your cruise parking with ParknCruise.