One of the greatest problems of being the proud owner of a classic car is where to keep it when it’s not being used.

Motoring around the roads on a glorious sunny day is fine, but what do you do with the vehicle when the weather takes a serious turn for the worst?

Some owners do have the privileged option and use of a spare garage or double garage, but many are left with less favourable choice – like leaving it outside with a plastic covering! Protection from the weather elements is the number one goal of any classic car enthusiast. Keeping the car or vehicle out of the damp and cold, away from the harmful rays of the sun and out of the rain can be considered the Holy Grail of keeping an old car.

Many owners use a plastic cover and leave their pride and joy parked on the drive of their property. This is fine, but it does take up space and can make getting into the garage, or putting the bins out awkward. An even worse option is having to leave your classic car parked out in a car park or public street.  Weather then becomes the last of your worries, as the risk of random vandalism and theft increases.     

One of the best ways of storing your classic vehicle might be to use a modern storage facility – the problem with this is that you have to remove the fuel from the vehicle before storage. This makes for slow progress, especially when you arrive on a sunny day just wanting to jump in and drive off!

Your best option?  ParknCruise in Southampton.

Leave your car with ParknCruise and it is guaranteed to be kept in the immaculate condition it deserves. Parked in our indoor car park your classic car will be out of the weather elements. Safe from the sun, rain and damp. Add to this the security of our facility and you can also remove the risk of vandalism and theft. ParknCruise is one of the most secure car parks in the UK. Your car is safe with us.

To discuss how we can help with Classic Car Storage (or long term car storage) please give ParknCruise a call on 02380 789 966 or email us at