Cruise ship fans are mad for anything regarding the ocean and passenger ship, so we have put together three things to do while waiting for your departure…

Go for a trip on the Steamship Shieldhall. As an important ship in the National Historic Fleet, the Sheildhall is a glowing tribute to the proud maritime history of Great Britain and our industrial technology. The Shieldhall is the largest working steam ship in Britain and is maintained and run by a team of volunteer enthusiasts for the last 30 years! A member of the National Historic Fleet she serves as a sea-going tribute to Britain's maritime heritage. As a cruise passenger you too can experience the golden age of steam by booking on an excursion or visiting her in Southampton.

Book a trip on this beautiful old ship and experience a day revelling in the golden age of steamships. The Sheildhall is the last survivor of its type so well worth a day out on the waves whether you are a fan of ships or not. Sailing regularly from the Port of Southampton, trips on the Sheildhall can be booked online via their website.

Visit the SeaCity Museum in the heart of Southampton to discover amazing facts about the areas rich maritime history. The museum is housed inside a beautiful 1930s art deco building and contains information and articles about the relationship between local people and the sea.  

Walk the Titanic Trail. Yes the Titanic may have been from Liverpool, but she sailed with passengers from Southampton, which would have been her home port had she returned. On 10th April 1912, the ill-fated cruise ship departed from what was then known as Berth 44, which is now home to the Ocean Terminal, which was built on the site in 2009. Back then the berth was known as the White Star Dock and had been built especially for the Titanic and her two sister cruise ships the Olympic and the Britannic.

Those interested in the history of the Titanic and her relationship to Southampton can visit many buildings and sites close to the original location of Berth 44 that have connections with the great ship.