Having recently been the victim of damage in an open air car park I can assure you that if valet parking were on offer I would have taken it. The disappointment of getting back to your car and finding damage can take the fun out of a holiday (it did mine). A note was left on my windscreen with an explanation, apology and a phone number, but it still ruined the day and the holiday with the damage yet to be repaired as the insurance company predictably drags its feet.

Damage to your car ruins the whole holiday experience

An AA survey found that 50% of people had found damage to their car in a car park and that 8% would drive off without leaving details if they had damaged another car! Virtually none of the damage to cars in car parks were related to theft – only 1%. Nearly all the damage to cars in car parks was accidental – chips and dents from car doors or damage from poor manoeuvring of another drivers vehicle.

So if you had the choice on were to leave your car parked during your next cruise, where would you go? Open car park or valet parking? Maybe cost would define your choice. What if valet parking was cheaper than traditional car parking?

Valet parking at ParknCruise

ParknCruise in Southampton offers a premium valet parking experience at a budget price. Your car is parked carefully by a member of our staff into its own booked space. Our staff treat your car with the utmost care and safety. You can depart Southampton cruise terminal safe in the knowledge that your car is carefully parked and secure in our building. 

Go on! Enjoy your cruise by parking at ParknCruise.