Leaving your car or vehicle in long stay parking can be a nerve racking experience. 

Especially if you are going to be leaving it parked for a long time!  It’s not as if there aren’t many options in Southampton – prepare to be bamboozled when you search for “parking near Southampton” on the web. Long-term parking is available at a number of places all across the Southampton area, but which of them is the safest and best for your car?

We think ParknCruise at Manor House Avenue offers not only the most secure car parking in the area, but also the best for your vehicle’s paintwork. Our car park used to be a secure storage facility, which we then turned into an indoor car park. Your car is actually parked inside our building. When we close for the day, your vehicle is inside.  

When we say indoor, we mean indoor. It’s not just a multi-story car park.

Our car parking is actually inside the building.  It’s not a multi-story car park, where people are free to come and go at all hours of the day and night. Only ParknCruise employees are allowed access to the parking areas inside the facility. Your vehicles paintwork is also protected by our building while you are away – indoors means no seagulls! Your car or vehicle is booked in by one of our employees and then they park it for you into its own space until you return from your cruise or holiday. While your car is being parked you and your luggage are safely whisked off to your departure point at the City, Mayflower, and Ocean or QE2 terminal by our free bespoke transport.  

Parking with us is one of the safest and most secure options in the Southampton area. Try us out and we guarantee you will use us again.