It can’t have escaped any holidaymaker’s attention that holiday and airport car parking is going through a bit of a crisis at the moment.

Virtually not a week goes by than there is a story in the media regarding airport car parking companies not providing the service they have advertised. Rumours of cars parked in muddy fields or on local roads when they should actually be in a secure car park.  Vehicles that gain mysterious mileage while they are supposedly parked up for the duration of a holidaymaker’s trip. These events have meant that the holiday parking industry has taken a battering when it comes to the confidence of its customers.     

Security and excellent customer service

At ParknCruise in Southampton we take immense pride in the service we provide for our customers and clients. Security and excellent customer service are at the root of the whole parking service we provide.

When a customer arrives at ParknCruise in Southampton their car is photographed from every angle and the mileage is recorded. These small, simple acts provide peace of mind to our customers so that during their holiday they never have to wonder or worry about their vehicle. Customer vehicles are then immediately parked inside our secure building, where they remain until the customer returns. Parked inside ParknCruise vehicles remain safe from the weather, vandals and thieves.

Cruisers love ParknCruise Southampton

Since we opened in Southampton we have seen a huge number of customers returning to use us again and again due to a combination of the security of our building in manor House Avenue and the excellent customer service we provide to customers. We are immensely proud of our repeat cruise passengers and crew who return to ParknCruise for their holidays and cruises. To read genuine reviews left by genuine customers please visit our Reviews Page.