Or how to avoid seagull poop!

Leaving your vehicle with ParknCruise at Manor House Avenue, Southampton, will give you full peace of mind while you are aboard your ship. Knowing that your car is safely parked and stored in our undercover, secure car park will enable you to fully enjoy your cruise without the worries associated with outside car parks nears the coast.  Leaving your vehicle parked undercover and out of the worst elements of the weather will mean that the paintwork will look the same as when you dropped it off to us. 

Being undercover will also mean that your car will be safe from the scourge of the skies when it comes to ruined paintwork: the seagull!

According to car paintwork specialist Autoglym the problem is actually to do with the temperature of the paintwork, rather than as a direct result of the gull (bird) dropping. As vehicle paint lacquer warms in direct sunlight, it softens and ultimately expands. While this happens the large lump of seagull dropping that has splattered onto your car gradually starts to dry and harden.  Later when the temperature starts to drop as the sun hits the horizon, the lacquer starts to contract and harden around to the texture and shape of the gull dropping. Afterwards this area appears slightly flat compared to the paintwork around it.  

Obviously in the ParknCruise Southampton undercover car park there is no risk at all from seagulls, or any other type of avian bird poop!