Any replica of the Titanic should surely have to dock in Southampton during its maiden voyage? Well maybe not…

You don’t have to be interested in cruise ships to appreciate the worldwide excitement that Titanic 2 on its maidenhead voyage would cause.

On route Titanic 2 would surely also need to stop in Cherbourg, Queenstown and of course the majority of passengers would need to embark at our very own Southampton! The original stopped for 6 days at berth 44 in Southampton. Imagine the transatlantic crossing that the original failed to make in 1912 - the media coverage of an event like this would be huge and brilliant for Southampton.

A replica is currently being built in Sichuan, China and is a full-scale reconstruction of the original Olympic-class ocean liner. The current stage of construction can be seen in this satellite image from Google Maps.

Titanic 2 being built

The cost to build the replica is approximately $161 million, dwarfing the $7.5 million the original cost, but nowhere near the $1,400,000,000 to build Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. One can’t help but think that the cost of Titanic 2 has been drastically underestimated by ‘Seven Star Energy Investment,’ the project owners. The dates for the completion of the project are beyond 2019, and there are sadly rumours of money problems for the owners, but there does appear to be a ship gradually being built so hopefully the project will be completed.

Titanic 2 won’t be stopping in Southampton

That’s right. Even if the project is finished, Titanic 2 won’t be stopping in Southampton, Cherbourg or New York. The ship will be docked permanently at the Romandisea resort in China and will never get to complete the voyage the original failed to make. The ship will sadly just be part of a theme park, with visitors paying to stay in the rooms on board. It seems a shame to have gone to the effort and cost of building a ‘non-sailing Titanic 2.’