If you don’t use your motorbike during the colder and wetter months (or you have a collection of motorbikes that has outgrown your home) then we have the perfect storage solution for you. Our motorbike storage solution offers you 3 main benefits:

  • Fully secure, indoor parking of your motorbike
  • Fantastic rates for daily, weekly or monthly storage of your motorbike
  • Full protection from the weather in our covered facility

Parking or storing your motorbike with us for a long term or a short term will offer you the peace of mind that when the season changes or you return from holiday your bike will be in the same condition as you left it.  Unlike other storage providers you will not be required to drain the tank of fuel, you can simply park your vehicle inside our facility and leave knowing that your motorbike is covered by a securtity alarm, fire alarm and there is no access to unescorted members of the public.  We have full CCTV coverage of the location.  You can even cover your vehicle so that your motorbike will be ready to drive away in exactly the condition you left it with us.

Our long term storage rates are significantly cheaper than our competitors and we are significantly more secure.   Our friendly team of experts are able to help tailor a quote to your needs, call us now on 023 80 789 966 or email southampton@parkncruise.co.uk